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My Life Connection Technologies Inc., located in Pineda de Mar, Barcelona (Spain), is a technology base dedicated to developing and commercialization of products and services associated with the geopositioning and control of people and goods.


In 2011 developed the first application; MyLifeLocation, covering the basics of the most needy people with psychological disabilities and kids; their location. My Life Connection Technologies, S.L. develops its products based on the needs of people and getting to them from their simplicity and price. All the technology used and developed is in the background to provide greater accessibility for people.


Our products are open to continuous improvements proposed by our customers from their experiences and are updated dynamically and free of charge through our website or business network.


Direct contact with people helps us know their weaknesses and turn them into applications that solve problems in their lives. We face our technological challenge providing improved quality of life and the tranquility of the people.


MyLife Alarm


Alarm system and vehicle location via GPS. Easily and conveniently from your mobile phone you can view exactly where is your vehicle, whether it is moving and the route that is doing. Add security and protection to your vehicle, giving it the best alarm locator of the market.

MyLife Health


New wireless control system for Residences and Day Centres. Check users, workers and areas you need, from installations to bathrooms and areas of danger or difficult to surveillance. A Health MyLife help improve user support controlling and optimizing staff time.




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MyLife Location


Locator for people with Alzheimer's. A system with the most advanced technology, at an affordable cost, which lets you know where is your family member with alzhemier at any time. MyLife Location help prolong their individual and collective autonomy.




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MyLife Fleet


Tracking and tracing system for trailers via GPS. Application for enterprises engaged in the transport of assets with an extensive fleet of vehicles and that they want to follow at any moment the location of all your vehicles and their routes.





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Calle RusiƱol, 93 - Office 12B
Pineda de Mar (Barcelona) - SPAIN


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